Jesse-JamesJesse James who is commonly known as the celebrity for his show “Monster Garage” recently went back to family court last week to determine if ex Janine Lindemulder was fit to share joint custody of their child Sunny.  Janine Lindemulder is a former pornstar who was just released from federal prison for tax evasion and is presently staying at a halfway house.  In his moving documents, Jesse raised concerns that Janine had recently married someone she met at her halfway house.  Janine’s new husband allegedly has a criminal past including multiple felonies.  James has also asked the court to conduct a review to determine if their daughter will be safe during any custody/time with Janine.

Surprisingly the Judge has temporarily granted Janine unsupervised visitation with the minor child for six hours every Sunday.  The matter will be reviewed again in sixty days.  Jesse James was granted full custody of the couple’s daughter while Janine was serving her six month prison term.

Assuming that Janine will want a change in custody which will likely be contested by Jesse James, it is likely that the court may order a child custody evaluation to determine what is in the child’s best interests and to address the concerns raised by Jesse James and the safety issues with Janine’s new husband.  The child custody evaluator in such proceedings is given considerable weight and their eventual recommendations often are adopted by the courts.  Jesse James is presently set to return to court on December 7, 2009.

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