Demonstrators For And Against Proposition 8

Demonstrators For And Against Proposition 8

Helen Zia tesified in the Same Sex Marriage Trial presently going on in San Francisco that California’s domestic partnership law is not a compatible substitute to traditional marriage.  Ms. Zia and her partner Lia Shigemura were one of the couples who took advatantage of the gay marriage law that was briefly in effect in 2008. 

Earlier that same day, Cambridge University psychologist Michael Lamb had testified that children raised by same sex parents were as well adjusted and safe from abuse from other kids who grow up with a mother and a father.  Lamb said there was no evidence that gays or lesbians were more likely to abuse children than traditional couples. 

The attorney for the proponents of Proposition 8 on cross examination asked if there was any empirical evidence related to children of transgender individuals and the outcomes of children of bisexuals.  Lamb agreed he did not have any evidence.  Lamb also agreed on cross examination that men and women were significantly different; that men were more likely to be alcoholics, have learning disabilities and engage in acts of violence.  The attorney also got the psychologist to agree that breast-feeding has benefits for children that men cannot provide to a child. 

Lawyers representing the proponents of Proposition 8 are expected to start presenting their case this week.  For further information concerning the same sex marriage trial, domestic partnerships or divorce please feel free to e-mail me.

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