Supreme Court The United States Supreme Court decided to block cameras from covering the same sex marriage trial presently going on in San Francisco.  Judge Vaughn Walker had previously permitted real-time streaming of the proceedings and had wanted to post the trial itself on YouTube.  However in a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court majority criticized Judge Walker of trying to change the rules “at the eleventh hour to treat this case differently than other trials.”

Although all 50 states have traditionally allowed cameras into certain state-level proceedings, federal courts have usually refused to allow cameras into their courtrooms.  Congress itself has failed numerous times to pass legislation allowing such technology in the federal court system.

The same sex marriage trial is nothing short of controversial and hostile.  Proponents for gay marriage in the case produced a letter from a Chinese American church group that expressed having sex with children was next on their agenda list and that “other states would fall into Satan’s hands” if gays were permitted to marry.  Opponents to gay marriage will be arguing that the passage of Proposition 8 was not directed as bias to same sex couples.

Arguments for the case are contiuning.  Check back here for updates.

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